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[video] Frigidaire Gallery Front Load Washer Won’t Spin? Easy Way To Troubleshoot

A customer walked into the store today and stated that he has a Frigidaire Gallery (model# gleq2170ksq) front load washing machine, for which he had ordered a drain pump.

Side note:

Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Gibson, Tappan, and Philco are under the Electrolux brand.

He proceeded to explain, that the wash machine was not engaging the spin cycle and being a DIY kind of person, he took a wild guess and installed a new drain pump.                      sameasbefore

Unfortunately for the customer, the installation of the drain pump did not solve the problem. The customer was on the right track- but there are other possible reasons why the machine will not spin:

Door latch mechanism                                                                    

Motor control unit located inside the lower panel of the washer.

To immediately pinpoint the cause of the spinning issue, put the machine in a quick diagnostic test by pressing the ‘cancel” and “start” buttons simultaneously. The washing machine will produce an E47 code.

The e47 code means that the machine has a faulty (pt#131763202)  latch mechanism. Remove old latch and replace with new.

Check out the related video on how to replace latch mechanism.

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