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[Video] Dryer Squeaking And Leaving Brown Marks On Clothes? How To Fix

Have you ever put a piece of your favorite garment in the dryer and after the dry cycle is finished, you open the dryer door, take out your prized piece of laundry and there is this ugly brown mark?

A customer phoned in the office today and complained about a brown streak on his favorite polo shirt.

It turned out this was his favorite golf shirt that he had planned on wearing to his golf outing this weekend.

Needless to say, the customer was not a happy camper. I assured the customer the problem will be solved.

I also noticed, the dryer was making a squeaking noise.      assembly

After dis-assembling the General Electric dryer, I found that the root cause for the brown marks on clothes was the “front bearing assembly with glides or slides”

The front bearing assembly with the 4 glides or slides, support the dryer drum as it rotates during during. When this part (s)

become worn, a slight crack or crevice is created and clothes become trapped in that gap, hence the brown streak or mark on your clothing.

The front bearing assembly comes with a price of $17 to $20. Part number we03x20570

Glides in the range of $3 to $6. These come in a pack of 4. Two green and two white. part number we1m1067.

Well, there you have it. anytime you see brown marks on your clothing, you will know why.

Check out this supporting video.


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