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Ways The Fat-Free Nordic Diet Can Absolutely Benefit Your Heart


The holidays are upon us and so are the extra pounds that tend to accompany them. Before you go forwards with the rich

hearty menu filled with rib-sticking dishes, consider something healthier.

I stumbled across a post in the Harvard Health Blog that gave insight on a healthier, eco-friendly and presumably tasty diet, the Nordic diet.

The author, Julie Cross, gives us insight on what exactly is the Nordic diet and why we should consider giving it a try.

I personally think this fat-free diet should be a priority on the resolution list for 2016.

Julie Cross wasn’t finished, here is more of what she had to say:

If you’ve never heard of the Nordic diet, you might imagine a plate of those Swedish meatballs sold at Ikea. But in fact, this eating style focuses on healthier fare, including plenty of plant-based foods that nutritionists always encourage us to eat. And while the data are limited so far, several studies suggest following a Nordic eating pattern may foster weight loss and lower blood pressure.

As the name suggests, the Nordic diet features foods that are locally sourced or traditionally eaten in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Developed in collaboration with the acclaimed Copenhagen gourmet restaurant NOMA, the diet emphasizes the use of seasonal, healthy, regional foods. (It doesn’t necessarily represent how most Scandinavians eat on a daily basis, however.)

click here for complete article source: Julie Cross over at health.harvard.edu

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