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[Classic] Delicious Egg Cream Beverage Makes A Come Back – See Recipes!

You are in the kitchen mulling around thinking about what to make for dinner. Okay, you finally come up with an idea- but how about a pre-dinner beverage, or, for that matter an after “dinner thinner” as I like to call it. Something different. You know… an old school beverage with a twist.

Well, I just ran across this article in the Wall Street Journal. the article is about the perfect after dinner beverage. Enjoy the article.                                                               eggcream

“AN EGG CREAM?” my mother said when I mentioned the soda-fountain staple recently. “I haven’t had one of those since I left Brooklyn 60 years ago!” The news that the sweet, fizzy drink might be making a comeback did not compute with her.

To be fair to Mom, most people have relegated the egg cream to another time, another New York—one where you could count on your favorite corner eatery always being there. For seven years, my own go-to neighborhood spot was Commerce in Manhattan’s West Village. Though an egg cream never appeared on its menu, the restaurant was an instant New York classic thanks to the comforting contemporary cooking of chef-owner Harold Moore and the warm hospitality of co-owner Tony Zazula. Complications with the landlord killed Commerce, but there’s a silver lining: I’ll be able to console myself just around the corner at soon-to-open offshoot Commerce Sweet Shop. Though the tiny, five-stool space is nothing like Commerce, it promises to satisfy former regulars like me with the previous restaurant’s fried chicken, deviled eggs and coconut cake. Mr. Moore’s plan to add an egg cream to that lineup feels exactly right to me, like inviting an old friend to the party.

Entire article:  Kathleen Squires Wall Street Journal

Photo by: Eleven city dinner, Chicago


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