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Why Sub-Zero Wolf Model MWC24 Is The Best Convection Microwave Oven


For those in the market for the best convection microwave oven, you may find that the Subzero MWC24 is going to come out on

a lot of lists. The company already has a top notch reputation in regards to the culinary world, so why not venture into building

a better microwave? Well, with the release of the “Wolf 24”” edition, you get everything you would want from full-size range,

only this is a microwave. The cooking is done fast, easy, and not with any of the downsides that you would expect from “lesser”

known models and brands. There is a lot to consider here, but the main features are going to definitely stand out amidst a lot of features that you may not even realize you need.

Main Features

  • 900 watts
  • Preset recipe mode
  • Quick-start buttons
  • “Keep Warm” mode
  • Capacity 1.5 cubic feet
  • Interior Dimensions 16 1/8″W x 9 5/8″H x 16 1/8″D

A Closer Look

It’s easy to get caught up in the features, and the name, but to really understand why many are calling this the best convection

microwave oven, you’ll need to take a deeper look. For instance, you are going to be utilizing 900 watts of pure power. This is

prefect for reheating, or perhaps cooking a “real” dinner solution. If you’re not looking at creating a new meal from this, then

you can easily get yourself a bag of popcorn popped fast, tv dinner cooked, or just about anything you’d imagine with the power and the even warmth that comes through.

The design is impeccable, giving you a full range of solutions for the counter top or to put into walls, or just about any solution

you may need. If you want to attach this to your cabinetry, you’ll find that you can do so with relative ease. Left on the counter,

however, it looks stunning. The interior has also been given a good deal of capacity, at 1.5 cubic feet, and interior design that

allows for perfect, even heating. That means no cold spots, no overcooking, or soggy moisture elements. For those that want to

work out a bit more complex meals, take on the challenge of this microwave to cook a full course meal. With gourmet settings,

you can definitely bake, broil, boil, and create some compelling meals. Not a chef? Don’t worry, you could use the “warm mode”

feature and get your food at read-to-eat levels for upwards of 90 minutes. It acts more like a traditional oven, then a microwave, in many ways.

Perhaps the biggest reason why you may want to look into the MWC24 is that it’s tested and backed by 24/7 customer support.

That’s right, Wolf doesn’t leave anything to chance in their testing, but just in case you find an issue with the microwave oven, you can call up their support and figure out what’s awry.                                    ontheright

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to see why many people are jumping onto the bandwagon and calling this the best convection microwave oven. Wolf

has definitely put a lot of thought and effort into crafting an oven that is going to allow for quick meal preparation, even

heating, and beyond. The design notes are also very intelligent, focusing on interior design flow that will let your kitchen come

together in a very elegant, and unique fashion. Wolf has done a great deal to ensure that you can use this versatile microwave

oven as a center piece to your kitchen or as part of a blending solution with your existing cabinets. Whether you need it daily, or you need it every now and again, the MWC24 from Wolf is a strong contender in the marketplace.

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