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When She Found Out She Can Open Her Oven Door This Way, She Went Crazy In The Kitchen

Hey, Happy and healthy 2017 folks.

Do you love Bosch cooking products, especially their ovens? I found this article over at a site called amodernhaven.com.

If you are a Bosch/Thermador fan (yes Bosch is Thermador) you are going to love Bosch’s new and sleek looking and

stylish built-in wall ovens.

The doors to these wall ovens can be opened in multiple ways that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Do you sometimes catch yourself slamming your oven doors? If you or family members, do this repeatedly, the repairs

could be costly. Well, no more slamming your wall oven door. This ergonomically engineered oven is equipped  with

specialty hinges that will softly and deftly close the doors for you.

Oh! do you love cooking with the convection feature? wait until you see this steam convection, bad boy.

You owe it to yourself to check out this state-of-the-art gem of a built-in wall oven by Bosch Home appliances.

Just click the link below to the entire article.

At Bosch, we live by the mantra “Invented for Life.” If you’re familiar with the brand, you’ve likely heard this tagline before. But, these words are more than just a tagline. They inspire us to deliver appliances that make life simpler for you, Bosch owners. This mission to deliver functional, ergonomic design is reflected in every nook and cranny of our appliances.

As the Director of Industrial Design at Bosch, I see the core principles of “Invented for Life” inspiring our team every day. Innovation isn’t simply conceived out of thin air. In fact, you’ve probably never realized it, but many of our product innovations are inspired by how you live your daily life.

At the beginning of the design process, our design teams go straight to the source (yes, you!) to conduct in-home research and observe how families interact with their kitchens. Through this process, the real life function of daily life informs the design of our appliances. Many of our most innovative solutions are surprisingly simple, yet offer measured improvement to the function of your kitchen.

To read the complete article, visit (click here)


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