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Viking 30 Electric Double Oven, 8 Precision Features To Improve Your Baking Skills


If you’re looking to improve your cooking, you don’t need a cooking class. The Viking Professional 5 Series VEDO5302 will

improve whatever you make tremendously. This stainless steel Viking double oven is electric, so those who don’t have a gas line can still bake like a pro, and even those with a gas line may want to purchase this unit.

This Viking double oven has several features that make it better than other models other, including:

  1. Dimensions

Size matters when it comes to an oven. Not only does this oven have two ovens, but it also has the largest oven on the market.

That means you have the room to cook everything you need for a holiday dinner, when you’re baking for a book sale or when

you’re having a family dinner. Even if you want to cook in a deep pan, you’ll be able to.

Cutout Width : 28 1/2″
Cutout Depth : 24″
Cutout Height : 50 5/8″
Exterior Width : 30″                                                                                                       middlepage
Exterior Depth : 25 3/4″
Exterior Height : 51 7/8″


  1. Cooking Performance

This feature is part of the convection system. It has the largest fan in the industry, and it maximizes air flow to enhance cooking

results. The hidden 10-pass dual bake element regulates temperatures well. It makes the oven easy to clean as well. The 10-pass

broiler makes it so you can do more than just bake. The infrared broiler has super-sized glass that gives the oven maximum

coverage and performance. The heavy-density insulation helps to contain the heat in the oven cavity. Plus, it increases energy

efficiency, even when you’re using the high-heat setting to clean it.

  1. Several Modes

As mentioned above, the Viking double oven is more than just a standard oven. In fact, it has several modes including a high-performance convection baking mode, a roasting mode, a baking mode in addition to a traditional cooking mode.

  1. Racks

Guys aren’t the only who appreciate a nice rack – both men and women can with the three porcelain-coated rack with six positions. There are three extension racks, two in the top oven and one in the bottom oven.

  1. Stylish
    You’ll cook in style with the stainless-steel Viking double oven. You can opt for other colors such as black, white, gray, blue, burgundy and apple red. You may install it flush with your cabinetry using the flush mount installation kit,

    1. Timed Baking

    Preset the oven to begin cooking within a 24-hour period. It will automatically shut off when the timer goes off.

    1. Self-Cleaning

    Both ovens have a self-cleaning feature. This setting even has an indicator light, so you know when it’s safe to use it to cook once again.

    1. Heavy Duty

    The steel knobs, handle and other components on this Viking double oven are heavy duty.



    • Three-year full – complete product
    • Ninety-day full – cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items, and decorative items
    • Five-year limited – oven tubular and infrared burners, and electric elements.


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