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This incredible Dacor renaissance 30 Self Cleaning Gas Range Will Make You An Invincible Cook


When it comes to top of the line all gas ranges, you are going to see that few companies match the power and elegance that

Dacor has brought to the table. With the release of the Renaissance 30” self-cleaning gas range, they have really put in a lot of

effort. The RNRP30, has a lot of elements to consider, whether you’re a home cook or a culinary master, there’s something to

appreciate with what is released here. As you look into the many reviews online, you’ll find that this release balances precision

heat, with versatility, and an easy “cleaning” element that is going to pay for itself over time. With that in mind, consider this

Dacor renaissance 30 self-cleaning gas range review, as you look into the best range for your needs.

Main Features

To get a full glimpse as to what you’re in for, this Dacor renaissance 30 self-cleaning gas range review focuses on features, and

then a closer look at some of the elements that come with the range. As such, the following features are touted as being part of the release.

  • Pro -Grip Finish
  • LED Illuminated Lights
  • Fan Indicators
  • 5.2 Cubic Feet Cell Capacity
  • Convection System
  • Glide Racks
  • Chrome Rack
  • Brass Burners and Valves
  • 24,000 Btu bake burner
  • 63,000 Total Btu’s
  • Sealed Enameled Cooktop Basin
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions 29.875” x 36.1875” x 26”
  • Gas Range
  • 1 Year Warranty

A Closer Look

As you can see the Dacor renaissance 30 self-cleaning gas range has a lot to offer the home cook. There’s a professional grade

precision to the design flow, however, as you’ll see it fits nearly any interior design style. Aside from that, as you look closer into

the features, you’re going to find that the Dacor company has really focused on function and fashion all the same. Take for instance the Illumina Oven

and Burner Controls. These have been done with a new grip design, and finished off with stainless steel. The blue flame indicator

will let you know that things are cooking, and the illuminated lights on the interior of the oven let you see even more of what

you’re doing. There is a 3-part convection oven system in place, as well, giving you a bit extra in terms of baking capabilities.

The power that comes from this range is very high. With a 24,000 Btu hidden stainless steel back burner, you’re going to find

that this gives out powerful heat. The burners give you a total of 63,000 Btus with 3 sealed gas burners, and 1 that has a

melting feature. Overall, you’re going to be able to have control over your cooking, with even heating, and powerful ignition that

allows for continual flame, and re-ignition if need be.


One thing to notice when you’re compiling a Dacor renaissance 30 self-cleaning gas range review, is that there’s an extra wide

platform grate on this range. What that means is that you can go seamlessly from one burner to the next, and utilize more flame

for larger, over-sized pots and pans. There’s 2 14” wide platform grates to get large family meals going fast. Of course, this is

just the beginning, as the feature list is quite hefty in regards to this range.

The Bottom Line

The Dacor release here is a powerful range. For those in the market for a gas range that covers all the basis, there’s definitely a

great amount of detail given to each part. Whether it’s the powerful BTU’s, the 3 part convection oven, or the grates and racks,

a lot has gone into the production of this high end range. Consumer marks are also high here, so you know you’re getting something of high value, not just marketing prowess.



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