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Experience The Sub-Zero Wolf Gas Range GR366 – Cook Better


With the release of the 36 wolf gas range, you get a top notch stove that does more for you than you imagined. This is a high end

solution that performs on a level of professionalism that you may not expect from home ranges. It’s a careful balance of what

professional chefs utilize, and what the home cook needs to make a large family meal, or perhaps just make something quick for

breakfast. There are six dual-stacked burners that will give you a great deal of range in terms of heat elements. From the six

burners, to the cast iron grates, you will find that these elements are just part of a larger spec feature that will impressed even

the hardest critic. The 36 wolf range GR366 is definitely worth a closer look.

Main Features

The features that you will find in regards to this range, come in a lot of different arenas. From the simplest to the more complex,

you’ll find that there’s a union of want and need. Consider the following features that you’ll find when investing in this range.

  • 6 dual-stacked sealed burners
  • Convection Oven
  • Infrared Broiler
  • Stainless Steel
  • 30,000 Btu Oven burner
  • 18,000 Btu oven broiler
  • 9, 200 Btu Burner (stove, 1)
  • 15,000 Btu burners (stove, 5)
  • Overall dimensions 35 7/8″W x 37″H x 28 3/8″D
  • Oven capacity 5.5 cubic feet
  • Star K Certified Ranking
  • A Closer LookAfter reading the feature list above, you can see why many are finding this to be a high end stove, with a lot of promise.
  • However, things start to really become clear as you go through the features and take them on a closer inspection. For
  • starters, the 6 burners offer a great deal of flexibility. Regardless of what you’re planning on making, this offers even
  • cooking, balanced heat, and a great deal of space to work with. No more overcrowding the stove, you will have a good
  • range of options from simple to complex to utilize up front.                                         wolfknobsThe convection oven here is large, and offers you 18,000 Btu power for seriously fast broiling. You’ll find that this cooking
  • element is going to outdo most other options, especially if you want to sear a steak, or deliver restaurant quality meats,
  • pizza, or just about any dish that requires a bit of assistance from anoven. The burner and oven mix here is enhanced to allow you to get versatility in your cooking, backing, and just about anything you need to work with.The exterior is stainless steel, and retrofitted with signature knobs, and easy sensors to ensure that you’re able to get the
    right heat, at the right time. Furthermore, you will find that the oven has a nice double-panel glass with bright lights to see what’s going on. Cast iron, black matte grates, with a porcelain finish ties together the attention to the design here, but it’s the precision of heat that you really will find astounding overall. If there’s an issue, you won’t be left out cold. Subzero Wolf has 24 hour, 7 day a week support in place, giving you a helping hand, if anything goes awry with the stove.The Bottom Line

    At the end of the day, the 36 wolf range is a solid resource for the home cook. Whether you’re a precision chef, or you have a large family to feed on a daily basis, you’ll have a load of versatility, impeccable design choices, and a range of heat elements that will carry you through any day or night. Whether you are baking a great deal, or you want to create astonishing steaks, pork, and beyond, the range gives you all the tools to get to work, and look good doing it.


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