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[Child Proof] Purchase The Bosch Microwave Speed Oven To Bake More Efficiently And Quicker


A wall oven allows you to have more floor space in your kitchen. They provide the same amazing cooking powers that a

traditional oven has, and oftentimes, have way more features. The Bosch built under single speed oven does just that; it cooks your food to perfection while allowing you more room for a larger refrigerator or extra counter space.

The Bosch ( model#  HMC80151uc/01) 30 inch single speed oven is a 110-volts. It boasts a 1,750-watt broil element along with a

1,000-watt microwave power. The convection element is 1,700 watts. It has a 1.6 cu. ft. oven capacity. It has a stainless steel

interior that’s easy to clean, and it comes with two oven racks. This stainless steel convection oven doesn’t specify whether it

has a self-cleaning option or not, but it does have a non-stick interior to prevent messes from accumulating. The convection

option cooks using hot air that circulates with a fan. The continuously moving air cooks food from all angles. It helps to cook the

outer portion of the food quicker than a traditional oven does. It’s perfect for browning and sealing in the flavor and juices since

it cooks all the way around without drying out the food too fast. The Bosch built under single oven gives you the option to select

what temperature you want to cook on using a touch pad. This allows you to cook at lower temperatures like 250 or 350 degrees

or turn in up to 450 degrees. By changing the setting to Auto-Chef cycle (9), you’re able to choose to cook with a microwave/convection.

The convection temperature, flat-lines at 325 degrees and bake at 350 degrees.

oven combination. The broil option allows you to broil food on either a high or low heat. Additionally, there are settings that pick

for you. The sensor cooking modes give the oven the ability to select which mode to use without you making a decision. There’s even a sensor reheat feature if your food has already

been cooked. You may opt just to keep foods warm or to melt butter using a special setting. You may even select the amount of

butter you’re going to melt. Moreover, the convection oven is more energy efficient, and you can use it for everything from baking to broiling. Because it heats from all directions, you get a more even bake.


  Height (Inches) 19.606

Width (Inches) 29.75
Depth (Inches) 24.488

Depth with Door Open (Inches) 21.375


Price Tag:

In the range of $1300                                                                                                                                   thumbnail                                                                                                                            

The panel lock feature protects your home by locking children from using the device and by preventing it from accidentally

being turned on. The automatic shutoff will turn your oven off automatically after five hours of being in use in order to reduce

your risk of it catching on fire. When you use it as a microwave, you’ll be able to heat up foods quickly using one of 10 different settings.

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