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6 Amazing Convection Bake Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore


Ever since Dacor Corporation introduced to the United States, the release of a range of convection ovens attached to their

ranges, consumers have seen a tremendous change in how they bake. This is a cooking option that is absolutely going to deliver

on all cylinders. In fact, you’re going to find that there are 6 amazing convection bake benefits that chefs and home cooks will

agree on. You may not immediately know them, but as you start to break down the information a bit, you’ll see that this is an absolute gem in terms of another cooking method. So, what does the term “convection” mean?

Before I answer that, there is also convection roast and convection broil.

Convection cooking simply means that air is distributed in 2 directions by a fan motor that is located

In the back of your oven cavity. This system is called fan-forced air, which means there is no heat

Coming  from the top, or bottom of your oven. Go ahead, open your oven door and take a peek

Inside. The vast majority of consumers with convection ovens, do not know they have this luxurious feature.

If you have never really considered the benefits to convection baking, then now is the time. I guarantee

You will never go back to standard bake. See these 6 amazing benefits below:

Speedy Baking (25% Faster On Average)

The first major thing to consider is that it creates a much faster baking process. The reason why is because it uses hot air that

goes around all the areas of the food. When you bake, you only have temperature that comes through coils, broilers, and an

enclosed space. That’s not the case with this style, which gives a lot of efficiency in terms of utilizing the heat index within the oven. Simply put, it’s faster across the board.

Lower The Temperature                                                                                                                         sideshow     

With convection options, you’re going to find that the temperature is lower than other options. You don’t have to bake at 450 or

500 degrees, you can drop the temperature overall to around 325 degrees and lower, and still get the same, if not better results

overall. Lowering the temperature will also lower your overall electric bills, making this type of oven more efficient for your pocket book.

Save Money

For families that are trying to stretch the budget, the above two elements equates to savings annually. Instead of spending a lot

of money through the use of electricity, gas, and more, you can diminish the way you use your oven. Think about this in terms

of time and temperature. If you’re using your oven 25% less, because you’re able to create faster cooking solutions, your energy bills will systematically drop over time, simple as that.

A Far Tastier Result (seals in juices)

Amidst the 6 convection bake benefits, you will find that this is the most prominent. This is a beautiful thing because it seals

and traps the juices that you want to have in your foods. Whether you’re going for a full chicken roaster or a large beef roast,

you’ll find that the juices and flavors will stay locked into the meat. Once you’re done baking, you can take them out of the oven, let them rest, and watch the flavors stay                      

inside, rather than spilling out into a soupy mess. The taste profile found with convection results are second to none, that’s for sure.

Even Baking Source

For those that love baking, especially working with gluten free options, this is going to absolutely change the way that you bake.

There’s an even tone to the heat here. The versatility of the heat allows for much more even baking, allowing you to enjoy amazing breads, cakes, and more.

Multiple Rack Baking

Going back to the efficiency of convection ovens, you’ll find that you can have isolated, multiple rack baking solutions. What

does that entail? That means that you can bake a pie and roast a chicken at the same time without blending the flavors

Talk about efficiency? How about 6 racks of cookies at once? There is no doubt  the convection feature will slice your cooking time- and  allow you to have dinner on the table way faster, and of course, have dessert in place as well.

As you can see the above 6 convection bake benefits, are absolutely amazing. They can create serious efficiency, and delight

families with amazing food. Remember, Dacor is the premier brand that you should be looking for in regards to this type of range. They were the first to bring convection options to the United States, and they have some very good ranges to consider.


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