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[Video] How To Install Miele Panel Ready Integrated Dishwasher


Today I was tasked with the opportunity of installing a 24 inch (model# G4975SCVI) panel ready Miele dishwasher.

In my opinion, Miele dishwashers are at the top of the dishwasher food chain in terms of load capacity, longevity, quietness and user experience. They are also very pricey. Ranging in price from as low as $1700 to $2,300.

Miele dishwashers are manufactured in Germany.

Dishwasher Removal:

Okay, let’s get to removing the old dishwasher. Firstly, disconnect the power supply (120 volts) and the inlet water valve located under the sink. Remove drain hose from garbage disposal, by loosening the one inch worm clamp with a flat head screwdriver, or 5/16 nut driver.

After all three lines are cleared, removed the toe-plate. In this case, the dishwasher had a custom made toe- plate, which I easily removed without using any tools.                                                                                        slideintopl

After the toe-plate is removed, take a minute to analyze how the old dishwasher was installed. Check to see if the legs need to be lowered for easy removal and whether the dishwasher was mounted under the counter top or on the side of the cabinet.

It is not recommended to mount dishwashers into granite counter tops, as the granite can easily crack and can cost a fortune to repair.

If the dishwasher is mounted tightly under the counter top, lower the front legs by turning them clockwise, using a flat screw driver.

The rear legs are also adjustable.

Once the dishwasher is clear of the counter top, open the door, remove racks if necessary- and carefully slide the dishwasher out.

Now, it’s time to remove the door panel. Kneeling in front of the door, rest the door on your thighs and remove six T-20 torx head screws. Three on either side.

There are two more T-20 torx screws located on either side of the panel. Remove those and then pull panel upwards.

Place panel in a safe place, until you are ready to install on the new dishwasher.

Finish snaking all three lines (power cord, drain hose and water inlet valve) through the cabinet and carry dishwasher outside.

Remove new dishwasher from shipping crate and unscrew shipping bolts from the bottom of new dishwasher.

Line up dishwasher to its niche space, or cabinet space, open door and remove contents. Contents are mounting screws, sample detergent, toe-plate, panel template, warranty user guide information as well as packaging material to prevent the dish racks from bouncing around during shipping.

Locate all three lines, place under dishwasher and carefully slide dishwasher in place, making sure all lines are clear.

Snake power, drain and water filtration or water inlet valve lines through cabinet opening. Level the dishwasher by adjusting the front and rear legs and make the dishwasher is flush with the cabinet.

Mounting the panel:

Pre-drill the new panel template, using a 7/64 drill bit 3/4 left to right spacing and one inch top to bottom.

Using packaging screws, screw the template on the back of the panel, open dishwasher door at a 45 degree angle and smoothly and carefully slide guide the panel onto dishwasher door until it is firmly secure in place.

Replace torx head screws (T-20)


Make sure dishwasher brackets are mounted securely on the side of the cabinet, front and rear legs are leveled properly.

Secure drain hose to the garbage disposal by tightening one inch worm clamp, turn on water valve, pour some rinse-aid in the soap dispenser and run a quick rinse and hold cycle.

Enjoy the supporting video

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