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[Video] DIY Dishwasher Detergent Substitute – Homemade Tips For Spotless Dishes

A good portion of my dishwasher service calls are dishes not clean at the end of the cycle- and soap not dispensing. One of the many reasons your dishes are not coming out clean, is that a few years ago, the detergent makers made a critical change in the detergent formula.

The dish detergent formula was changed by removing the key ingredient, phosphate. Phosphates are responsible for removing the grease and grime from the dishes. Why (find out here) was phosphates removed from the ingredients? Some say for environmental reasons.

Anyway, I found this great article over at suburbia-unwrapped on a do -it-yourself detergent substitute. Some of the ingredients, you may already have in your cupboard, or in the cabinet under your kitchen sink. So, check it out and start making your own dishwasher detergent today.

I am not usually known for my frugal grocery shopping skills.  I have a tendency to zip through the store way too fast, throwing an assortment of random things in the cart.  Since I tend to buy a lot of organic, natural, and fresh products, my grocery bill is usually staggering.  Occasionally I glance at the price of something and am floored at how much it costs.  Homemade dishwasher tablets are incredibly easy to make and cost only pennies per tablet. I decided to try making a batch so I could stop bringing home that ridiculously expensive all natural stuff I was buying!
DIY-Dishwasher-Tablet-Ingredients  While searching for DIY dishwasher tabs I noticed that some used citrus (orange or lemon) and some used essential oils.  Since I had lemons in the house, that is what I chose to use. You can play around with the recipe if you prefer a different scent.


Rest of the article: Diane Hoffmaster suburbia-unwrapped

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