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TroubleShooting your Dishwasher Top Rack Not cleaning – Tips To Correct this Problem.


Dishwashers can be tricky sometimes. You can work with them and hope for the best, and then end up dealing with a variety of issues down the line. That doesn’t mean that they are going to break down immediately, or that you should worry if you just installed one in your home. Instead, you should know how to troubleshoot issues if they manifest, because there are a lot of different issues that can pop up. For instance, you may find that the top rack is not cleaning. There are several reasons why this may be occurring, but you don’t need to immediately call in a professional. Consider a few tips to help get to the bottom of this issue overall.

Consider The Wash Pump


In some cases, the main issue is the wash pump. This can be less than adequate in terms of pressure. If there is insufficient water pressure, you may have a hard time getting the top rack dishes cleaned and cleared. Refer to your manual on this one, as you’re going to need to look into the signs that the wash pump is in fact faulty. Sometimes you’ll see a fault code on the control panel or an indicator, and sometimes you’ll have to do some diagnostic testing. The diagnostic testing steps are on the technician sheet which is located at the dishwasher’s base. (For trained technicians only).

Water Temperature Issues  




In some cases, you may find that the water temperature is insufficient. The water temperature settings should be at least 120 to 130 degrees. To make sure you have the proper temperature settings, consult your plumber. Your dishwasher comes with pre-set  temperature for different wash cycles Pots and pans have the longest (2hrs 20 minutes) cycle, hence hottest temperature to remove the tough grime and grease. Make sure that you have an adequate temperature setting. This will dictate whether or not your dishes are going to get the right kind of cleaning power. If you can’t adjust the temperature, then there’s something awry. Control panel issues could be culprits in this case, so make sure that you’re focusing on the right elements overall.

The Wrong Detergent

Of course, sometimes the issue is not a matter of big problems, but rather the wrong detergent. The wrong detergent in many instances can cause your machine to have an inadequate cycle. That’s something that you have to absolutely consider moving forward. Look to see if you need a specific type, as well as a rinsing agent. You’ll be surprised by how just changing this up could in fact change the way your dishwasher’s functions work. Look at switching this out, and seeing if that is the issue.

When in doubt, if nothing works, and you can’t troubleshoot the issue, call in a professional to assist. You may need a replacement part, or another fix.

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