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These Easy Dishwasher Installation Tips Will Make You Feel Like A Pro.


When it comes time to purchase a new dishwasher, you are going to have to cycle through a few motions. You cannot just

expect to go into a store or shop online and buy an appliance without considering the elements of installation and removal of

the old one. If you haven’t removed the existing dishwasher, then it’s important to consider a simple dishwasher installation

guide to help you get moving forward. The following tips will help you transition a bit easier, without having to deal with the headaches that can come through in this arena.

Remove The Old Dishwasher

Before the new appliance arrives, make absolutely sure you’re going to get an installer. If you are going DIY, make sure that you

absolutely know what you’re doing, and don’t second guess things. You need to be absolutely certain, or you could risk injury.

From the starting point, make sure that you turn off your breaker, and power to the home. You can always go with the power

box disconnection that is on your dishwasher, but to be safe, shut down the power, and water. You don’t have to shut off the water to the whole house necessarily.                                   

Look for the valves under your sink, and remove the drain hose. Snake your drain hose through any cabinetry opening, and

then carefully remove the dishwasher from the space that you have. If you have a sub flooring or something that is in the way, make sure that you consider that before pulling the appliance too hard.

The New Dishwasher

It’s imperative that you slowly uncrate the dishwasher that you have and you check for damage. Do not install anything until

you give it a full inspection. You don’t want dings, scrapes, dents, or anything that can end up causing you problems. Look at

the doors, the handles, and make sure that you’re absolutely sure that you have something ready to go. Don’t remove anything

just yet, look at the manual, and all the materials that come with the box. You should have a great deal of elements in the box, including mounting components, legs, and much more.

Once you have inspected everything, look at connecting the water house and drain hose. Making sure everything is flush with your opening, you’ll be able to move your appliance into place, assuming the connections are all positioned properly.

Hiring Professionals

This is a quick installation guide, but in order to get a full installation, you should hire a professional. Make sure that the

installers are licensed, bonded and insured. You want to make sure that everything is done correctly and up to code. If you’re

going DIY, make sure that you take your time, and work towards installation properly. Hiring professionals is a good thing, but only if they are certified. Don’t risk it.

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