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The Results Are In, And Here’s The Best Dishwasher Brand


The reviews are in and if you are on the market for a new dishwasher, you just might want to take a look at the results. Now, generally, when searching for a new dishwasher, whether it be that the older one is in need of being replaced, or you’ve simply

decided that you would like to reward yourself with a newer, shinier and much more innovative model, you want to make sure

that all of the things that makes it the best bang for the buck is checked off of your checklist.

Speaking of a checklist, what exactly is it that should be on your checklist when searching for a dishwasher? Besides, you’re not

just searching for A dishwasher, you’re searching for THE dishwasher. You are searching for the best dishwasher brand that your money can buy.


Top 10 Reviews have released the reviews for 2016 and after stacking them all against each other; GE is the winner when it

comes to the best dishwasher brand. The contenders were judged in a few important categories when shopping around including: Energy efficiency, cleaning options and warranty.


Energy Efficiency

In our current times, energy efficiency is as important in an appliance as making sure your favorite muffins are gluten free. It is

pretty darn important, and in order for a brand to be considered the best dishwasher brand, this is a category that must receive rave feedback.

GE clearly understands, as Top Ten reviews raves about the fact that it’s innovative design, and energy saving feature, which is certified by Energy Star, costs, annually, around $33.


Cleaning Options                                                     middleblog

One of the worst things is pulling out a rack of freshly washed dishes; only to reveal the now hardened food residue hat was left

behind in a cycle. The best dishwasher brand will have to tackle that issue on the forefront, failing to do so, is a fail overall, as it defeats the entire purpose of the dishwasher itself.


The GE profile addresses that issue, as it has several washing cycles to handle the lightest, to the toughest clean. The GE brand

earned a perfect 10 score in this category, certainly the fact that it has 11 available cleaning cycles, one of them, the eWash, even

offering a full clean using only two gallons of water and can be paired with the drying option by fan instead of heating element, simply reinforcing the fact that it is an economically efficient, energy-saving dream machine.


Warranty and Support

It’s always good to know just in case things don’t go quite the way expected, that you have a strong warranty to turn to, and a communicative support team.

Although GE maintains through their offered support, a live team available by phone or chat and online information, that they just might be the best dishwasher brand, the machine’s warranty lasts for a year.

Overall, the GE profile earning an impressive 9.3/10, its versatility and impressive cleanliness of a cycle is to credit for the score.

Do you own a GE profile, or perhaps you are convinced by the reviews that this is your next dishwasher. Share with us on whether or not you agree with rating.

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