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The Quiet Truth About Dishwasher Decibels


What if I told you when shopping for your next dishwasher there should be another rarely mentioned, but an extremely

important quality you should include on your checklist? After you’ve exhausted yourself of the guess, naming the obvious:

cleaning, flexibility, and economic design, I invite you to consider the dishwasher decibel rating. Maybe you already know

exactly what I am referring to, as decibels are the measurement of sound level, in other words, decibels measure the noisiness of your dishwasher.

What’s a sound, quality machine when it is extremely noisy and disturbing during operation?

That is my point exactly.

While today’s dishwasher are modernly designed to be quieter than models from 10 years ago, there are a few things that play a

major part in a dishwasher’s decibel rating includes certain qualities that are contributed through design. Stainless steel tubs, in fact, tend to be a bit quieter than plastic tubs.

The decibel rating determines whether or not your wash and/or rinse cycles sound like a whisper or a freight train.

Let’s take a moment to review the dishwasher decibel ratings of our top five models on dishwasher-ratings.com.

Bosch SHX9PT75UC

This model was rated the quietest of the bunch with a dishwasher decibel rating of 38 dBA. The model is praised for the

suppression of sound at a dishwasher decibel rating 11.9 dBA lower than the average, gauging that such a decrease in the sound is equivalent to being twice the distance away.

Bosch SHE9PT55UC

This unit ranks among the top 1% of quieter model for best noise suppression with a rating of 39.

Bosch SHX9PT55UC

Not surprising at all, this model, created by Bosch as well, falls right in line with the top two. Judging from the ratings, it’s safe to say that Bosch creates their models with noise suppression in mind.


It’s no surprise that Bosch appliances are leading the pack, as, according to the site, they are the quietest brand in the U.S., and pride themselves of having figured out the ‘Science of Quiet.’

The brand credits insulation, their patented EcoSilence Motor System, and a Solid Molded base as the top three components of their ‘science’.

KitchenAid KDTE254ESS and KDTE504DSS

The final two units to wrap up the quietest of the top five are created by KitchenAid. Both units measure at a dishwasher decibel rate of 39.


While KitchenAid doesn’t prize their brand on being a master of the science when it comes to dishwasher decibel ratings,

however, both of the models that were found among the top 1% of the quietest dishwasher were designed with a stainless steel tub, which we have learned are vital aspects of design when it comes to noise suppression. The stainless steel tub absorbs noise much better than the traditional plastic stubs.


How much did you weigh in on the dishwasher decibel rating when you purchased your current model? In fact, how does your dishwasher rate when it comes to the noise level, a whisper or a freight train?


Most importantly, based on the information, tell us whether or not this changes your perspective on your dishwasher selection.

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