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Miele Dishwasher Review – A Quick Glance At One Of The Best Dishwashers In The Industry


Not every Miele dishwasher is the same despite having similar appearances. And the dishwashers don’t just differ in price.

Although they do differ in price, each has different racks, drying, cycles and quietness, even though they generally have the same Miele dishwasher parts.

The Miele dishwasher parts found on the Crystal and the Lumen, but the price and special features certainly vary between the

dishwashers. The Lumen illuminates with its bright LED-lit tub. It has economy and energy saver cycles for those not wanting

to harm the environment or pay more on their energy bills than necessary. It has an extra dry option and has a 40 DBA rating.

You can literally knock on this dishwasher’s door, and it will open via a sensor. The Crystal looks similar and has the same

Miele dishwasher parts, but the Crystal definitely isn’t the same. It boats a cutlery basket and has a special feature that will get your glassware especially clean. The water softener feature prevents premature dishwasher failure. Hard water is rough on the

system. It has an express cycle to get the job done quicker, and it also has a cycle especially made for delicate fine china.

The Classic Plus: is around (model G4975VISF) $900. You can opt for a cutlery basket or a tray. It has flexicare racks. You can set it on a turbo

mode that reduces the speed of the load by 30 percent, making more time in your day for activities besides your dishes. The

economy mode uses less water. It has a 46 dBa rating. You can purchase the Crystal for around $1,400. It has a water softener

feature in addition to a special cycle just for glass. The cutlery basket or tray keeps your utensils seperate from your other dishes. There’s an express cycle that speeds up the process.


The Dimension is quite impressive. You can expect to spend around $1,500 on it. It has a 3D cutlery tray and flexicare premium

racks. It has a 44 DBA rating. The Intensive Mode allows you to heavy wash the basket and wash the top basket gently, but both

will be done simultaneously. The sensory dry feature adjusts the drying conditions. The door will automatically open when drying is complete. There’s an Extra Quiet option that lessens the amount of noise it makes by 20 percent.

The Diamond:  isn’t a diamond (model G5975SCSF) in the rough. It’s top of the line for the Miele line. And although it uses the same Miele

dishwasher parts, some of the features are very innovative. It’s around $2,500. The door automatically closes. You can monitor

its performance via Wi-Fi. A quiet dishwasher is 45 DBs. This particular model is 40 DBs. The water level is determined by the

size sensor. You can choose between various cycles including heavy soil, sensor wash, plastics, starch/cheese and glass-no rinse (warm). The Advanced CleanAir feature circulates air. It comes with a free five-year warranty.


The Miele dishwasher parts aren’t the only thing that makes the dishwasher. The special features are what sets it apart from the rest. As a consumer, you must compare features and price to find the best model for you.

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