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Kitchenaid Superba Dishwasher Reviews – Tips For A Worry Free Shopping Experience.


Kitchenaid (also Whirlpool Corp.) makes a wide range of cooking, cooling and cleaning products including several models of the Kitchenaid Superba Integrated Dishwasher. If you’re looking for something quite and effective, this dishwasher is definitely for you. The latest model is the KUDS30IXSS.

The dishwasher is especially quiet because of Whisper Quiet, which is insulation that allows it to do its job without disturbing your household. Sometimes dishes get forgotten about and food sticks to them, but the Kitchenaid Superba Dishwasher has a Pro-scrub option that gets dishes extra clean, even if the baking dish had macaroni and cheese left in it for quite some time. The Pro-scrub feature consists of jets that target the back of the dishwasher and help to remove grease or stuck-on foods. There are a total of 36 jets that work together to accomplish this.

The settings allow you to choose between heated and non-heated drying. When the “Heat Dry” option is selected, the tub heats toward the end of the cycle. Its stainless steel exterior aids in trapping the heat, which enhances its drying performance, making it more effective and efficient.

A quick glance at the dimensions, reveals a tall tub 34 ½” in height, 23 ½ “ in depth and 23 7/8” in width- and touts an impressive 279kwh per year.

It’s capable of saving the settings of your last dish wash, so you don’t have to type it in continuously. Ultimately, this will save a person time and hassle.

The unit is meant to be more energy efficient than the last model. However, this impacts the amount of time it takes to dry dishes. You may speed up the process by using the quick dry setting. The device has wash sensors that automatically detect which water conditions are best for the condition the dishes are in. For instance, the water conditions will automatically change in cases where the dishes are dirtier. This assists in maximizing its performance and cleaning efficiency.

It has a built-in grinder that grinds leftover food particles to make them easier for washing. Therefore, you won’t have to empty food traps. This four-blade disposer alleviates the need for you to have to prerinse.

The downfall about the Kitchenaid Superba Dishwasher is that the buttons are very sensitive. Don’t be surprised if you turn it on before you actually want to use it. It will activate even if you just rub up against it. You can avoid this by using the child lock feature. Some people have complained over certain aspects of it breaking or being defective within a short amount of time; however, the company backs their Kitchenaid Superba Dishwasher with a limited warrant, on a two through five-year warranty on certain parts and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel tub and the inner door liner.

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