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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Dishes Coming Out Wet – Faulty Circulation Pump

The dishwasher is an amazing invention. In the modern world, it may be considered a kitchen necessity, rather than luxury.

At some point during your dishwasher’s (15 years) lifespan, it will breakdown and getting you to do the dishes by hand, just won’t happen.

Allow me to share with you a service call on a Kitchenaid dishwasher. Model number KUDS01FLBL2…. in this case the dishes were coming out wet and the top rack was not getting clean. I ran a quick wash cycle and opened the dishwasher’s door. I noticed the circulation pump, or wash pump, was not providing enough water pressure to the upper rack.

My diagnosis revealed a faulty circulation pump. Part number w10782773

Circulation pump removal and replace:

Unplug the the dishwasher from the power supply under the sink’s cabinet or the electrical (20 amp breaker) panel.

Remove lower kick plate

Turn off the dishwasher’s water supply, which is also located under the sink.                                       circulationpump

Very important:

Carefully disconnect wire from junction box located bottom right of dishwasher.

Remove lower rack from the dishwasher. Pull the upper rack just enough to remove the water supply tube using a phillips head screwdriver.

Remove the lower spray arm by holing the nut with a pair of pliers while turning the spray arm clockwise,  as this is reverse thread.

Using a flat head screwdriver, unlock water supply tube from circulation pump.

Now that you have everything out of the dishwasher, uninstall the dishwasher from the cabinet by removing the screws from the mounting brackets. Use a 5/16 nut driver to remove drain line and a 5/8 open wrench for the water line.

Once all the lines are free, hold the dishwasher’s door and gently pull forward to where you can grab the frame- and then pull all the way out. Gently put the dishwasher on its back and proceed to uninstall and replace the circulation pump and motor assembly.

If the installation is successful, your dishwasher should run like new. Check out this video illustrating how to do just that:

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