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Is Your Miele Incognito Dishwasher Intake Drain Light Flashing – Four Steps to Fix the Problem

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As the name suggests, Miele Incognito dishwashers are built to be “incognito”, while offering effective dishwashing. If you take a closer look at the dishwasher’s main door, you will notice the presence of a control panel on the top. It has three indicators or warning lights. The first one is for the ‘Intake/Drain’, the second one relates to the ‘Salt’, and the last one is for the ‘Rinse Aid’. These indicators start flashing if the dishwasher detects any issues. So, if your Miele Incognito dishwasher’s Intake and Drain light is flashing, it means you have a problem with your water filtration system, otherwise known as the intake water valve. It can be a complex repair. However, you can try fixing it on your own if you cannot call professionals for help right away.

Clean up

The first step is to unplug the dishwasher and shift its position to make it easier to access. For this, you need to find the water shut off valve for the dishwasher. You can find it within the cabinet located beneath the sink. You will also find the power outlet in the same location, so unplug the dishwasher while you’re at it. Next, remove the dishwasher by unscrewing the mounting brackets using a flat head screwdriver. Once you unmount the dishwasher, you can access the drain hose. The next step is to remove the drain hose by loosening the worm clamp with a ¼ inch or 5/16 nut driver. Once the drain hose comes off, check it for blocks. There may be food particles or debris stuck in it, remove them and clean the drain hose.

Clean the triple filter system                                                       waterfiltration

Now access the triple filter system by opening the Miele Incognito dishwasher. You will find the strainer located beneath the lower rack. It helps filter out waste materials from your dishes and stops them from getting into the drain. Clean the strainer if you find food particles in it. You may even find some calcium deposit build-up in it, which will have to be cleaned. Such a build-up is caused by hard water, which means you will need to use a water softener to prevent the problem in future. Get in touch with a company that can provide you with some water softening solutions.

To remove the strainer, turn the handle and just lift it. Then wash the strainer and wipe it using a soft cloth. Once the cleaning is done, replace the strainer with a quarter turn. The process must be done at least once in six months.

Replace triple filter system and non-return valve

Now, if you observe the area below the triple filter system’s location, you will find the drain pump and the non-return valve. Remove the non-return valve by shifting the position of the metal clasp towards the left and then lifting it towards you. Wash the valve under running water to get rid of dirt and then, clean the non-return valve location too. Then you can re-install both the non-return valve and the strainer.

Re-installing the parts

Now re-install the filter screen into the water/drain pipes and attach it back into the shut-off valves. Turn the dishwasher back on and check to see if it is functioning normally. Also, remember to not create any kinks while replacing the dishwasher back into its original position.                                       interface

Please note, to replace the strainer, water filtration system or the non-return valve, you must uninstall the dishwasher and lay it on its side.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you’ll need to get in touch with a professional who can further investigate the Miele Incognito dishwasher intake drain light flashing issue.

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