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Finally We Can Say Cheers To Cleaning, Thanks To Samsung Dishwasher Reviews


Typically, when you’re searching for new appliances, you think of the trusted household brands for appliances such as GE, Kenmore and many others alike.

There’s another household name, however, that’s joined the ranks of quality appliances.


When I hear Samsung, I think of my phone and my Chromebook. However, did you know that they also brand dishwashers?

Well, Yes, they do.  The Samsung DW80F800 UWS/AA model was rated by Toptenreviews.net and earned 8.8 out of 10, bringing it in at the 6th place in the dishwasher category.

That has got to make you love your new Samsung TV that much more right?  The brand went up against six other brands wielding a total ten models.

The Samsung dishwasher reviews were great, and let’s take a look at why it was rated so well.

Overall, it raved mostly for the cleaning power. Yet, just what is so impressive of the cleaning quality, you ask?

Read more to see how Samsung stacks up and tell us if you are impressed enough to give their dishwasher a shot.

Quality Cleaning Power

The standout technique for the relatively quiet Samsung brand is what is referred to as its Stormwash cleaning apparatus. The

Samsung dishwasher reviews point out that the unit does not have a significant amount of wash cycles, but it has a powerful

cleaning function. This is achieved through the rotating spray jets on the bottom of the unit.

According to the Samsung dishwasher reviews, the cleaning power of the jets is so great that it virtually eliminates the need for

pre-washing and/or pre-soaking of your dishes. It’s available on all of the dishwasher’s six wash cycles except the delicate cycle.

In addition to Samsung’s impeccable cleaning power, the model was praised for its sanitizing mechanism, a function that is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

By using high water temperatures, the dishes are sanitized, giving an extra bit of clean.


Energy Star Certified

It’s always reassuring to see Energy Star has endorsed your dishwasher. It helps you take a step closer to being good to your

economy. The model boasts a half-load wash cycle in which the user can opt to put a small load of dishes on the bottom rack. The Samsung dishwasher will automatically register the need to use less water and energy.

An estimated operating cost of $29 annually coupled with estimated energy consumption, on a yearly basis, of about 265 kilowatts puts the model among the lowest and most energy efficient.

Excellent Warranty Coverage

Another plus that was highlighted among the Samsung dishwasher reviews was the warranty of the model. Labor and parts are

covered under warranty for the duration of the first year of purchasing. The racks and electronics, on the other hand, are

covered under a five-year warranty. Even better, the tub and door liner have lifetime coverage.

Tech support is available by the phone, email and/or live chat. Also, if you lose your manual, or think maybe that you can resolve your problem by way of a simple FAQ, turn to the Samsung website, as all of it is available there.

Overall, the Samsung dishwasher reviews point to rather solid and quality model.


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