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[DIY] How to Repair Kitchenaid Upper Dish Rack Assembly And save Time And Money


Recently, in the past eight to ten months, I have noticed a steady influx of walk-in customers as well as phone calls

complaining about the same problem. The common complaint I was getting- and still am today, is that their Kitchenaid

dishwasher (mode#kud35fxss9) upper rack rollers were breaking.

This problem was fast becoming, what I like to call, “Kitchenaid’s  upper dish rack epidemic.

I have been working in the major appliance industry for five plus years and can honestly say the Whirlpool brand, which owns

Kitchenaid and Maytag, makes a quality dishwasher.

If you are a do-it-yourself warrior and ever encountered this problem, this is an easy fix. I will get to the how in a minute.

For those who are not handy and would rather call a certified appliance technician, the part (w10712394) retails for aroud

$60. You may be able to get it cheaper if you do some research.

Back to the do-it-yourself warriors.

Tools requires:                                                                                      insertpost

t-15 torx head screw-driver
small flat-head pocket screw-driver

Upper rack adjuster kit contents:

2 adjuster arm assembly one left and one right and adjuster actuator
2 grey adjuster cover
2 grey adjuster housing and 4 t-15 torx head screws

The rollers are 23mm in diameter.

Check out the related video on how to replace Kitchenaid dishwasher upper rack adjuster kit.



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