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7 Categories Consumers Used To Rate The Best Dishwasher For 2015.


The ultimate purpose of the dishwasher is to reduce the amount of effort it takes in cleaning your dinnerware. The human

effort required when operating one typically consists of load, adjust settings and unload.

Easy enough, so why is there a Gold Award dishwasher and not simply all of them considered the same?

Performance is everything. When planning to purchase you are referring to the characteristics of the top consumer rating dishwashers

  1. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big deal. Not only are you doing a great service to Mother Earth, but you are as well carving away at your utility bills. Dishwashers that are ENERGY STAR qualified are the best choices.

Modern dishwashers are more effective here as studies by the Energy Saving Trust indicates that energy efficient dishwashers

Consumer rating dishwashers weighed in on the cleaning options of the machine as well. Although the primary function of the

dishwasher is to clean dishes, it is important that it offering targeted cleans. This is particularly important for the caked food

particles found on dishes. In addition to targeted cleaning options, models with steam options can be very helpful here.


For more delicate dishes, some eco-friendly models provide economic options that use less water and energy.

  1. Operating Cost

Such factors like usage, type of energy used and cost of energy in the purchaser’s location will play a role in determining the

operating costs. Eco-friendly model, or models that offer a cycle of the sort will help reduce the operating cost on a yearly scale.

Detergent or capsules are an ongoing cost. Consider using a detergent with a rinse aid to avoid buying the two separately.

  1. Load Flexibility

The ease and flexibility of the model are key as it determines how often the dishwasher is used and the size of the household.

Primarily, dishwashers have two racks, however, but there are models that have a third rack that generally host silverware and

cutlery. This can be very useful, yet not more valuable than those models that increase their flexibility by having adjustable racks and folding tines.

  1. Conveniences

Cut down chores of the kitchen and eliminate time consuming dishwashing by hand.

  1. Design & dimensions

The design of the dishwasher embodies not only in the color and/or finish of the model, stainless steel or white, etc., but sound

is just as important. Ideally, the quieter the model is the better. The top three consumer ratings dishwasher checked at 42, 48 and 42 decibels, respectively.

  1. Warranty information

Warranty is extremely important as dishwashers, like any other appliances, can potentially malfunction, and repair or

replacement can be costly and unsettling, especially if the purchase is still fairly new. The obvious is: the longer the warranty,

the better. However, it should be reviewed carefully, as different models carry different types of warranties.


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