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3 Hard Water Dishwasher Detergents Your Dishes Will Absolutely Love


Hard water sounds like an oxymoron, but it is a true problem. Hard water isn’t the safest to drink as noted by the National

Institutes of Health who states that the overabundance of calcium and magnesium may lead to growth retardation and poor

cardiovascular health. Additionally, hard water has negative effects in your dishwasher since the minerals can build up in it. However, you can combat these issues by using a dishwasher detergent for hard water.

A challenge for people with hard water is that standard dishwasher detergents no longer contain phosphates that prevent dishes

from spotting or having a film on them. Some dishwasher detergent brands, take this into account to create a product that works for you, even if you don’t have soft water.

1. Cascade Complete Gel is one of the best dishwasher detergents for hard water. It has active ingredients that work well to

clean off tough, stuck on food in addition to fighting against mineral-infused water. It has built-in water softeners that prevent

mineral deposits from forming on your dishes. Truly, your dishes will shine with this product, even if you have hard water.

2. Walmart’s Great Value Dishwasher Detergent powder gives you more bang for your buck. You don’t have to spend a

fortunate to get your dishes clean despite your water being mineral rich with this dishwasher cleaning powder. Although it

doesn’t contain phosphates, the active ingredients do reduce, if not eliminate, the amount of minerals that pass through the water. You should use slightly more liquid if you have hard water as opposed to soft water.

3. Finish Power Up Booster Agent is a boost up from traditional dishwasher cleaning agents. It cleans dishes in a supersonic

way while not allowing the calcium and magnesium from forming on the dishes. Ultimately, your dishes will shine without haze,

streak or stuck-on food. The recommended amount of this powder is 50 grams per load, but not every dishwasher holds this

amount of cleaner. You may need to place it on the bottom of the dishwasher like the instructions say for a unit without a dispenser if you want the optimal results.

Dishwasher detergent for hard water, and even some brands not designed specifically for hard water, will take your

dishwasher’s power to a whole new level. You’ll finally have dishes without spots or film despite the regulation updates for detergents in 2010.

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