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The Superior U-line Undercounter Icemaker Efficient Ice Production When You Need It The Most


The U line undercounter icemaker is a heavy duty ice maker that will be perfect for any home, guest house, or where ever it is

needed. Below, you will find some details on the U-line undercounter icemaker model #uclr2060B.

Ice Production

It is a quiet icemaker that can produce up to 60 lbs. of ice per day and 32 ice cubes per cycle. It can also

store up to 30 lbs. of ice. This feature is perfect for parties and gatherings. You don’t have to buy bags of ice any more, and you

never have to worry about running short. The machine also has a commercial heavy duty circulation pump and an Electric

Control Panel Module monitor that ensures that the machine can produce the 32 ice cubes per cycle. In addition, the machine

runs very quietly. So there is no need to worry about hearing it work at night or any other inconvenient time. When you are ready to scoop, the ice machine has a heavy duty ice scooper ready for you to use.

Cleaning Process and Defrosting

Spending hours cleaning an appliance is never fun. The cleaning process of the u line undercounter icemaker is an easy 3 – step process that takes less than 45 minutes. Another plus is that if you are moving, or have any reason you need to clean out your icebox, you do not have to worry about defrosting.



The U line undercounter icemaker has a cabinet height X width of 34 1/8” x 14 15/16”. The icemaker has depth of 24” with the

door and 21 ¾” without the door. The grille height has 3 3/8”. If you need to adjust the height of your icemaker, you can use

the leveling legs to adjust the icemaker so it can better fit your space. The dimensions of the icemaker is very convenient. The U line undercounter icemaker will not take over your undercounter space in your kitchen or bar, because of how minimum
amount of space it takes up.

Other features

Some other features include an automatic closing door. So you don’t have to worry about leaving the door open. If need be, you

can add a ¼” door panel, to utilize the optional ¾ full overlay door panel. This feature allows you to only open the top half or

the bottom half of the ice-maker, instead of having to open the whole door.


Installation is easy enough to where you don’t need anyone else to install it for you. If you have any troubleshooting problems,

the manual is detailed enough to help you with installation and figure out any problems along the way.

The U line undercounter icemaker is a great ice-maker for any home. It’s convenient for at-home use, parties, and

get-togethers. It is easy install, and once you turn it on the ice-maker does all the work. It will take up minimum space in your

kitchen and it will make very little sound. The U line undercounter ice-maker is overall a great investment.

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