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Need More Refrigerator Space? Sub-Zero Wolf Under Counter Drawer Refrigerator To The Rescue.


Every time I go grocery shopping I have the same problem. I get home and start packing away my groceries and it seems like

the fridge is getting smaller and smaller. The freezer is way too small to fit everything so, I’m left stacking and packing things in

there and closing the door quickly before anything falls out, leaving the trouble of rearranging things for whomever is unlucky enough to open the freezer.

I thought about buying another refrigerator or maybe a deep freezer but didn’t buy them because they are too big and bulky and

take up too much room. I needed something smaller, but big enough to store what I needed in to it. Not having to necessarily freeze them but more refrigerator space.

I recently came across the Sub Zero 700br and I instantly put it on my list of necessities. The Sub Zero 700br is a under counter drawer refrigerator that provides more space in the kitchen for you to keep food refrigerated.

Both refrigerator drawers can be independently set to 2 different temperatures to keep its contents at the right temperature.

Now what makes this refrigerator drawer so special is that it can be used anywhere in the house, and can have custom

hardware and front panels which means endless design options. You can literally turn any room in your home into an extension of your kitchen.

Now before we get into the numerous uses for this under counter drawer refrigerator let’s check out the specs.



Overall Width:  27”                                             Opening Width: 27”                                                                                         centerfuse

Overall Height:  34.5 “                                        Opening Height: 34.5”

Overall Depth:   24”                                            Drawer Clearance: 19.5”

Refrigerator Capacity:  5.3 cu ft.                       Electrical Requirements: 115 VA C, 60 Hz


The Sub Zero 700br is the best under counter drawer refrigerator I’ve seen thus far. I can think of a million places to put this in my house that would instantly make life easier and free up space in my kitchen.


3 Places you might want to consider installing your Sub Zero 700br.

1)          The Kitchen:  This is probably the most common place to install  the refrigerator drawer. It’s ideal if you are storing things you need in the kitchen.  For example butter or eggs. Keeping it in the refrigerator drawer will free up space in the main refrigerator.

2)          The Living Room:  Ahhh yes, the living room.  Where we spend most of our time. Where the entertainment is.  The refrigerator drawers are deep enough to store 20 oz. bottles standing up. Soo keep bottled water or a couple cold ones in the living room and a few snacks and you’re good to go.     

3)          The Garage: I think this is a perfect place for a refrigerator drawer assuming that you spend a lot of time in the garage. On the weekends, my buddies and I hang out in my garage playing music working on our cars and what not. Perfect place to have one.  I’d suggest keeping the standard panels though, I mean it’s in the garage right?

I wouldn’t stop there though, I would place one in my bedroom too!

I’m personally in love with the Sub Zero 700br. I think it tops the list of all under counter drawer refrigerators for quite a few reasons.

The original panels look great and you do have the option to customize the panels to match the different decors that your home might have.

The refrigerator drawer are deep and come with draws and dividers for you to customize the shelfs themselves. This, along with the individual temperature control for each drawer makes this a must have.



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