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Marvel Wine Chiller Model 61WCM Will Chill Your Red Wine To The Perfect Temperature


Many people don’t know the importance and the science behind keeping wine temperature cool and consistent. Storing wine at a

high temperature or at fluctuating temperatures can cause wine to deteriorate in quality. Nothing spoils a party, a relaxing

evening, or a nice dinner as a wine of poor quality. Many people invest in building cellars or renting out cellar spaces, both which

can be very costly. If you want to keep your wine stored in your own home and want to start building upon your own collection, then investing into a wine cooler may be of interest you.


Marvel’s #61 WCM is a wine temperature cooler that will chill your wine at your preferred temperature. You will be able to

control the wine temperature of the bottles from a digital panel placed on the door. The controls have a wine temperature range

from 40F to 65F. The cooler has a stainless steel frame with natural maples shelves, and a glass door. The stainless steel feature

and the natural maple shelves will match almost any cabinetry and appliances. The glass door is tinted and ultraviolet resistant,

which will protect your wine from getting damaged from UV lights. The wine temperature cooler has five racks and can store up

to 45 bottles. One rack will clearly display 7 of your favorite bottles of wine. Four racks will hold 8 bottles each and are able to

be rolled out for easy access. The last rack features a wine cradle for 6-bottles of wine. Another feature of the wine that is useful

is the Vibration Neutralization System, which prevents the wine from being agitated before you are ready to enjoy it. The Marvel wine cooler also as a Close Door Assist System that automatically closes your door in a gentle fashion.

Installation                                                             middlepost

Installation of the machine is quite easy, as you don’t need a special technician to install your marvel wine temperature cooler.

AGA Marvel provides detailed installation instructions to make self-installation easy. The dimensions of the wine cooler,

including the handle, are 23 7/8” x 33 ¾” minimum H x 24 ¼” D. The Marvel wine cooler is easy to place within your kitchen

as the dimensions allow it to be built within your kitchen counter. If you need the wine cooler to be a little high in height to fit the dimensions of under-counter space, you can adjust the

height up to 1” with the leveling legs. The cooler is dually high performing and energy efficient, so you don’t have to compromise between saving energy and using your wine temperature cooler at the best of its ability.

The Marvel Wine Cooler#61 WCM is a great wine temperature cooler for any wine connoisseur at any level. The amount of wine

bottles you can hold plus the minimal amount of space it uses, is accommodating to your wine taste and convenient for your kitchen. The overall features and design caters to the quality, the maintenance, and the adequate storage of your wine.

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