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Get The Perfect Red Wine Temperature With Marvel Model 61wcm Under Counter Wine Cooler


Red wine comes in a range of colors and flavors.  Many people like red wine for many reasons, i.e. a glass a day can be good for

your health. It is important that your red wine is stored properly.  Proper storage protects the quality of wine, which is why

many people invest in wine cellars, whether private or public. This at times can be inconvenient and expensive. With a public

wine cellar you don’t have the comfort of having your wine in your own home.  With a private wine cellar you have to think

about the amount of space you need to create and take up, and if you’re not a handy, it can cost quite a penny.  With the Marvel

Wine Cooler model 61WCM, you will gain something that is affordable, does not take a lot of space, and can be placed right in your

home.  This wine cooler also has the structure and technology needed to keep your red wine temperature cool and of quality.

Temperature and Consistency

You want your red wine temperature to be at the perfect temp; but not too cool, and you don’t want the temperature to fluctuate. The wrong….

temperature and fluctuation can cause the wine to expand and contract.  The Marvel Wine cooler comes with a temperature

control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature from 40F to 65F.  Whatever temperature you have set, the Marvel wine cooler will keep the temperature the same unless you change it yourself.

Light Protection                                                                                                                                                 thumbnail                                                                                           

Light, including UV light can age your wine and deteriorate the quality.  To prevent this, the glass doors of the Marvel wine

cooler are tinted with UV-resistant dual pane glass.   This cooler also has a midnight black interior and white incandescent display lightening, for when you do need a little light.

Tilted Position

There is a reason when you go to some wine or grocery stores you see that some of the bottle tilted.  The reason for this is to wet

the corks, so they won’t dry out and allow air to come through.  The Marvel wine cooler has 6 shelves and holds 45 bottles. The first shelf displays your wine at a tilted level.  The next four shelves stores your wine on its side, and you are able to roll these shelves out.  The last shelf also lays the wine at its side in a cradle.

Vibration Prevention

Most wine cooler owners  don’t know how damaging vibrations can be.   Vibrations agitate your wine and speeds up the chemical reactions              

The Marvel wine cooler has a Vibration Neutralization System that protects your wine whenever something bumps against your

cooler.  It also has a Close Door Assist System the automatically and gently closes the door for you to prevent vibrations when opening and closing.

Marvel Wine cooler dimensions are 23 7/8” x 33 ¾” minimum height x 24 1/16”, depth including the handle. You can adjust

the height by 1” so the cooler can better fit your under-counter.  The Marvel model 61WCM is convenient, budget friendly, and will keep your red wine temperature, and white wine temperature, at the perfect chill.

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