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All The Wisdom You Need To Know About Your Refrigerator.

Out of all your kitchen appliances which one serves you the most of gives you the greatest value?

That’s a tough question, isn’t it?

I mean is it the dishwasher? I know many of my customers can’t imagine can’t imagine not having a dishwasher

for twenty-four hours.

Let’s move over to your stove. Well, you don’t really have to cook, you can always eat out or pizza delivery.

Oh yes! the microwave, in my opinion, is a very valued kitchen appliance. You know when you need that quick

zap of heat to your food and you don’t have a microwave, it drives you nuts.

Which moves us over to the all important refrigerator. Yes, guys, we need to keep our food fresh, beverages chilled

I mean I could keep going. How many times to we tug on the refrigerator handle to open the door? You can even press

a lever and out comes water and ice. Name another kitchen appliance that has that kind of versatility?

There is an article over at repairclinic.com that gives you all the wisdom about the dos and don ts.

This insightful article touches on the importance (dos) of cleaning your condenser coils and how to allow your fridge

space and to not open the door too often and shelf loading.

So check out the complete article below and let me know what you think.

The refrigerator … We use it every day but often don’t give it a second thought unless it breaks down. To help save your fridge and the hundreds of dollars in food it stores, RepairClinic.com shows you how to, and not to, take care of it.


  • Do clean your condenser coils – twice a year if you can. Dirt and grime can build up on the coils, forcing your fridge to work harder and run more often. A special long-handled brush or vacuum attachment can make this easier to accomplish.

  • Do give your fridge space. If possible, you should leave several inches of space on the top, sides and back to give the heat it expels room to escape.

  • Don’ts

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